If I Was Sky TV This Is What I'd Do Right Now

I’d ensure everything I do involves a great customer experience. Not just a great viewing experience:

  • How I was on-boarded

  • How I was communicated with

  • How I was billed with different ways to pay (hand over the control so we can choose the payment channel)

  • How my technology was kept up to date

  • How I am rewarded and recognised as a loyal long-term paying customer (none of this too little too late stuff I’ve seen and new customers are valued more than old - an epic fail in any business model)

Let’s face it, they got familiar as a perceived monopoly so they got complacent.

Complacency as we saw came at a cost.

They kept losing customers and as a result lost the RWC rights to Spark Sports because their coffers were too low.

Sky has to play to their strengths. They have plenty. Their sports commentary team is superior (bring back Nisbo!). Their sports broadcasting is better. Their satellite is certainly seamless.

If Sky are truly the home of sport what about more sporting documentaries? Thinking wider could make a real difference (like ESPNs 30 for 30 series).

They're in the content business too and coverage is a holistic concept.

Sky TV have their trucks at the local rugby games and they need to show this local passion more. Open up the truck and show local school kids how outdoor broadcasting works before kick off. Offer secondments to students. Offer Sky scholarships.

Stop acting like a closed, controlling corporate and start acting like you're committed to the community in which you live. Give us choice, control and convenience.

Serve us first instead of you. Don’t take your position for granted ever again. You’ll win more of us over this way.

Sky can win back some of its lost customers but this window of opportunity won’t last long.

It will all come down to execution. Making and taking their opportunities.

Just like any sport.