Episode #6: Sales, Marketing & Agency Trends with James Kemp

This week we talk to multi-million dollar coach, mentor and serial entrepreneur James Kemp. A kiwi/New Zealander by birth who now lives in Asia, James has a huge track record of success consulting and coaching clients from $5m – $500m.

James brings a fresh outside-in perspective to rural sales and marketing which we both agree sometimes suffer from some immaturity and lack of sophistication.

If you want to learn about the importance of offers, attribution and accountability, the future of ad agency models, platforms, marketing managers, media and what the best salespeople look like then this episode is for you.

James drops a ton of value bombs in this special episode so make sure you take some notes!


Show Notes:

To contact James direct email him at: jk@jameskemp.co

If would like to look at the platform he has created specifically for coaches and consultants: https://getcmm.com/

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Episode #5: Time and Energy Management + Productivity Tips w/ Neil Wagstaff

This week’s show takes a look at the connection between time management and energy management. Productivity and performance are always big factors in rural sales so you don’t want to miss this one if you want to learn ways in which you can get more done.

Neil and St John discuss the 6 factors that affect energy and time management and take you through the basics of Epigenetics that is like a manual or Myer Briggs for your body.



Show notes:

For more information on Epigenetics or to connect with Neil Wagstaff direct: www.peakfitnesssandhealth.co.nz / PFH Wellness Check Master

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Episode #4: Online Marketing with Phil Grant from NZ Natural Clothing

Our guest for today has a strong connection with the rural retail industry and runs one of the top retail stores in New Zealand called New Zealand Natural Clothing that sells iconic rural clothing brands like Norsewear and Swanndri. Owner Phil Grant will generously shares how online and content marketing contributed to the phenomenal growth of his business and how it thrived even before COVID (his two physical stores are up 200% and he’s had to hire 2 new staff as a result).

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • How to run a successful email campaign based on keyword searches
  • Why email marketing is crucial to your business
  • How to grow your email list and turn it into one of your biggest
    business assets using the right incentive (a 5% off voucher)
  • How quality blogging can benefit your business
  • SEO guide on organic and paid search
  • Why you should treat people online like they’ve just walked in the door
  • The importance of title testing
  • Phil’s views on the future of Fieldays
  • How 50% of this sales are made from just 5 product SKUs

Phil will also share how social media contributed an exponential growth during COVID lockdown and how he turned down Amazon to start with his very own .com platform with the help of offshore contractors.


Episode #3: How To Learn LinkedIn with Anne Miles

Our guest today is one of Australia’s multi-talented marketing communication experts Anne Miles who runs her very own super-successful global creative community Suits and Sneakers.

In this show, Anne shares her insights, tips and tricks on how to master LinkedIn and move it from social media platform to your very own marketing machine.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • The single biggest mistake people make when using LinkedIn
  • How to optimise your LinkedIn profile for prospecting
  • How to use LinkedIn Search more effectively for keywords (not names)
  • Why you should only blog on LinkedIn (and not your website)
  • Why you should stick to your specialist content (and not go too broad)
  • Anne will show how writing just one article on LinkedIn earnt her 198 emails and over $3million dollars of deal flow.

She’ll also share how she went from 1000 to 17,000 followers in under 2 years and talks about some of her success stories where she has helped land many valuable leads for her top LinkedIn clients.



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