Top Notch Calves

“Agrarian have helped us broaden our thinking in terms of how important technology is in supporting our business. Whilst we make the call and stay in control, they provide us with options and recommendations that are backed by the insights and knowledge they have of our sector.”

Joanne Leigh, Owner, Top Notch Calves

Testimonial 8 - Archway Group

“Agrarian were recommended to us after a less than impressive experience with an agency. We put them to the test with a tight deadline for Fieldays. They delivered, nothing was a problem and they were quick and responsive. They’re good sorts who are down to earth, get the industry and know what needs to be done."

Amanda Hodgson, Director, Archway Group

Testimonial 7

”We chose Agrarian because of its model. We are a charitable trust with a need to demonstrate prudence with our entrusted funds. St John worked with our Board and developed our Future Shapers theme. If you’re after a rural marketing company that is responsive, cost effective and demonstrates a great understanding of rural, St John and his team at Agrarian are a great choice."

Malcolm Nitschke, General Manager, AGMARDT

Testimonial 6

“We’re a small, agile company so every penny we spend on marketing and sales needs measurable, instant results and with St John it does. His insights and advice mean that the value we get out of one strategic planning session far surpasses expectations. As one of my sales people said ‘I got more out of a 90 minute phone call with St John than I did from all my previous sales training’. “
Gretchen Bunny, AgRecord/Cloud Farmer

Testimonial 5

"St John’s knowledge and passion for what he does is second to none which makes him a true rural marketing specialist and a joy to work with. His enthusiasm for the sector is infectious and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to better understand this complex and often misunderstood sector."

Lindsey Brittain, Marketing Manager, Contact Energy

Testimonial 4

“Bayer has worked with St John across multiple strategy projects and farming panels in the animal health area. As a dedicated specialist in the rural sector, we find St John to be a highly competent and professional qualitative researcher. St John has the distinct ability of being able to read a room, has the understanding or rural to demonstrate empathy and build rapport quickly.”

George Reeves, Bayer Animal Health NZ

Testimonial 3

“St John led and facilitated a rural immersion project to help Chorus better understand the rural market. St John brought together leading thinkers to help myself and Victoria Crone distill these insights to validate the approach we ended up taking with our RBI roll out. St John is enthusiastic and knowledgeable. I would not hesitate in recommending him to anyone who wants to better understand and communicate with the rural market in New Zealand.”
Craig Young, Head of Industry Relations, Chorus

Testimonial 2

"I have worked alongside very few people who can match St John’s passion for, and commitment to, doing the right thing by his rural clients. His intelligent and thoughtful approach to every brief, and his willingness to ask the tough questions, makes him a rarity and one you want to partner with in your business."

Drew Ayers, Creative Director, Stick Advertising/99/Just One

Testimonial 1

“St John is not only an excellent rural marketing strategist, he can sell himself and his ideas as well. He is professional, he delivers, and goes the extra mile. St John really does his homework to make sure he can walk the talk in the industry he is consulting for. I have learnt huge amounts from St John in the time we worked with him and I highly recommend having St John as part of your consultation team.”

Rowena Harper, Marketing Communications Manager, DeLaval