Our Model

Here’s the model we use when we choose to work together:

  • When those fancy-pants agencies mark up external providers by 20% (standard industry practice) and charge you for the management of these providers, we don’t. And let’s call it out for what it really is: “double dipping”.
  • This means you know our advice is truly independent and free of commercial bias because they are no clipped tickets, rebates, kick backs or commissions
  • When they put a junior on your account as soon your business is won (or a junior with an inflated title so they can bill them out to you at a higher rate), we only use senior people who you don’t train to learn on your job whilst you pay for that privilege in more ways than one (eg. lost sales, ill-informed advice, poor marketing strategy)
  • Junior staff lack real-world commercial experience (we’re not ageist, it’s just a fact that you can’t buy experience)
  • We think your business deserves better so that’s why we prefer to work business owner to business owner in the first strategic stages
  • We won’t stack meetings with more staff than we need to make more billable time. You’ll get just one of us doing the same job it takes two or three of them to do.
  • Because our talent are senior, they have a depth and breadth of experience you can rely on and trust because they are business owners just like you
  • When they don’t offer fixed fees, we do so you don’t have to carry that risk (ask us how)
  • Whilst they’re interested in building egos and empires, we only work with 8-10 like-minded clients at any one time.
  • We do this because we don’t like to short change our Clients or spread ourselves too thin and like, quality is more important to us than quantity and fit is everything
  • We get a buzz from providing fast, attentive and responsive service (our Clients do too!)
  • When others ask you what your budget is, we’ll have a different conversation using questions like:
    – what does success looks like?
    – what outcomes and results are you looking for most?
    – what has your experience been working with other providers?
    – how has your business performed over the last 12 months?
    – which metrics are you measuring to manage and track your current performance?
    – what is the commercial gain and worth to you from a positive intervention?
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