Brand Story & Identity

Committing to the discipline of defining and documenting your brand is one of the most rewarding investments any rural company can make.

We help rural companies who are struggling to tell their story internally to staff, externally to customers or both. We use a tried and true brand definition methodology to help identify a unique position. When we’ve cracked this we use creative translation to bring your brand story to life in a credible and meaningful way for your people and customers.

Over the years we have worked with many agribusiness companies developing their brand story and identities:

– Vodafone NZ
– Stock X
– Simmental NZ
– Focus Genetics
– Tatua
– Gevir
– Ingham Feeds
– Promax Plastics
– AgRecovery/3R GroupAgRecovery/3R Group

Brand Blueprint

A brand blueprint is exactly what it says it is: a key decision support tool to help you and your teams make objective and consistent on-brand decisions that reinforce a position rather than subjective off-brand decisions that don’t.


We work with you in workshop and interview settings to help you define who you are, what you stand for and what makes you different. We then validate your own thinking to check for bias with your key customers to see how aligned their perception of you as a brand is compared to yours. If there’s a gap we work on bridging strategies to close it.

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