Average Annual Salary Per Rural Sales Rep

Average Salary


Average Value Of Total Employee benefits Defaults to 16% of income based on IRD calculation i.e. annual leave, sick leave and Kiwisaver



Average Annual Commissions Per Rural Sales Rep



Number of Rural Reps Participating in Sales Training

# of Reps

Current Costs of Sales Training Investment Per Rural Rep

Training Investment


Average Number of Customers Per Rural Rep

# Customers Per Rep

Current Average Dollar Value Per Customer

Average Customer Value


Estimated Meetings and Interactions to Secure a Customer E.g. travel costs, preparation time, meeting time, follow up/presentation/proposal time

Current # of Interactions

Current Average Customer Conversion Rate

Current Conversion Rate


Based on your current numbers, here is what you could expect for a return on investment after sales training, on a per rep basis

ROI After Sales Training


Based on a 10% increase per customer value ($2,000) and a 5% total customer increase (4) after sales training.

Reduced Interactions


Based on a 20% decrease in required interactions to secure a customer after sales training.

Reduced Interactions ROI


Based on $52/hour, 5 hours per interaction (scheduling, travelling, proposal, follow up) and $250 travel costs.

Conversion Rate Increase


After sales training.

Conversion Rate ROI


Based on 20% / 1 in 5 conversion rate before sales training.

Rural Sales Training ROI Per Rep


Based on an annual basis per rep. If your sales rep continues to improve year on year, compounding results will follow.

Total Rural Sales Training ROI Across Your Team

$68,104.2 / 3x or 300% ROI

Adding additional revenue to your bottom line also increases the book valuation multiple of your business should you ever sell or need bankability. Assumptions above are conservative. At Agrarian we have been able to achieve much higher Client results. We guarantee a 5% in sales if the tools and training we teach have been proven to be applied.

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