For a period, AGMARDT faced challenges in effectively conveying its narrative. Collaboratively, we conceptualized the overarching theme of “Future Shapers,” highlighting the transformative influence of AGMARDT’s funding on reshaping the agribusiness landscape in New Zealand and globally. Delve into this concept through our captivating video, where the stories of individuals and their innovative initiatives come to life. Witness firsthand how AGMARDT’s support catalyzes change, propelling agribusiness into a new era.
The video encapsulates the dynamic essence of AGMARDT’s mission, showcasing its pivotal role in fostering innovation, driving growth, and propelling sustainable advancements. Experience the “Future Shapers” journey and gain insights into the remarkable impact that AGMARDT and its partners have achieved. Your engagement with the video unveils a world of possibilities and underscores the power of collaboration in shaping the future of agribusiness. Join us in exploring this transformative narrative and be part of the movement that is driving change on a global scale. Watch the video here and be inspired.




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