In search of an invigorating approach to connect with suppliers, Ovation turned to Agrarian for inspiration. The result was the innovative theme “Pride in Our Produce,” strategically crafted to elevate Ovation’s annual procurement program. This concept spotlights esteemed farming partners who have garnered accolades, positioning them as exemplary contributors to Ovation’s success. “Pride in Our Produce” embodies the synergy between Ovation and their partners, reflecting a shared commitment to excellence. This initiative is an embodiment of their fruitful collaboration and serves as a compelling narrative to engage suppliers on a deeper level. Through this creative strategy, Ovation reinforces their dedication to fostering meaningful relationships and acknowledging the achievements of their partners. “Pride in Our Produce” not only revitalizes engagement but also strengthens Ovation’s bond with their suppliers, driving their collective pursuit of quality and success.

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