For the commemoration of their 40th Anniversary and the remarkable achievement of establishing over 4000 covenants, QEII National Trust sought a dignified and respectful approach. The theme “Forever Protected” was expertly conceptualized by Agrarian to encapsulate this significance. This theme served as the foundation for a multi-faceted celebration, including a unique magazine edition, a comprehensive photo shoot, and the development of a new website. The “Forever Protected” concept reverberates with the enduring commitment and dedication that the QEII National Trust has displayed throughout its history. It conveys a sense of permanence, underscoring the profound impact of their conservation efforts on New Zealand’s landscapes. Through the meticulous execution of the special edition magazine, the evocative photography, and the new website, the QEII National Trust’s journey is artfully depicted, paying homage to their accomplishments and their unwavering dedication to safeguarding natural heritage for generations to come.

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