We’re different from the rest

We know what it’s like working with others. We’ve worked with them or for them too.

It’s simple to be different: everything they are, we’re not.

Here’s the model we use when you work with us:

  • When they mark up external providers by 20% (standard industry practice) and charge you management of these providers (we’ll call it “double dipping”), we don’t.

  • This means you can be assured our advice is truly independent and free of commercial bias because they are no no clipped tickets, no rebates and no commissions. We leave the “muck n’ mystery” stuff to others

  • Where they put a junior on your account as soon as they’ve won the business (or a junior with title inflation so they can bill them out at a higher rate), we only use senior people who you don’t have to train whilst they learn on the job

  • Junior staff are unproven with limited experience and little real-world perspective. Because of this, we think your business deserves better than that

  • Because our talent are senior, they have a depth and breadth of experience you can rely on as fellow business owners, just like you

  • When they don’t offer fixed fees, we do so you don’t have to carry that risk (ask us how)

  • Whilst they’re more interested in glass to ceiling empires, we only work with 8-10 like-minded clients at any one time. We do this because we don’t like to short change clients and spread ourselves too thin.

  • We get a buzz from providing great service and our Clients do too. Become a client of ours and see for yourself

  • When they ask you what your budget is, we’ll have a different conversation with you using better questions, business owner to business owner.

    We’ll ask you better questions instead, like:

    - what does success looks like for you?
    - what outcomes and results are you looking for most?
    - what has your experience been working with providers like us before?
    - how has your business performed over the last 12 months?
    - which key metrics are you currently measuring to manage?

    Hell, we’ll even ask you if you want us to guarantee our work (we will if you can guarantee to follow our instructions).

    When you're facing a specific rural sales or marketing problem you need a proven specialist, not a guessing, hit n’ hope generalist. The risk of getting it wrong is too damaging and dangerous to your bottom line.

    Make the best and most informed decision for your rural business by using New Zealand’s most proven and effective rural marketing specialist: Agrarian.  

Agrarian founder, St John Craner comes from farming family in the UK and is a Lincoln University Kellogg scholar.

stjohn craner agrarian rural marketing.jpg

St John has over 25 years of corporate and marketing agency experience in the UK and New Zealand. He is a regular conference chair, speaker, blogger and writes for Interest.co.nz, Farmers Weekly, Dairy Exporter, NZ Marketing and Idealog. St John is passionate about NZ Ag and its vital contribution to New Zealand's economy. St John has advised many leading agribusiness companies including Bayer, Tatua, Vodafone, KPMG, SeedForce, Westpac, Chorus, Figured, DeLaval, Ingham Feeds, Horticulture NZ, Goldpine, Humes, Ovation, Giltrap Ag, DLF Seeds and Simmental NZ.

With strategic partner AgFirst, St John built New Zealand’s first proprietary farmer panel insights tool, and to date has lead and facilitated over 35 farming panels.