Four more years!"​ How have you progressed since the last RWC?

With the Rugby World Cup round the corner, it seems the right time to reflect on things.

The RWC has such importance placed on it, including New Zealanders own sense of self-worth, it makes the same sense to apply this same focus to yourself. 

What have you done with your own life since October 2015? What changes have you made? What ways have you improved or learnt to become a better person? What sacrifices have you made? Are you moving forward or enduring more of the same?

Professionally, do you have 4 more years of experience or as Jim Rohn says "one years experience doing the same thing four times over." Time ticks away and it's ours to use or lose. Some use it well making things happen (front-foot) whilst others less so letting things happen to them (back-foot).

On the horizon awaits AI and automation which according to Oxford University researchers could mean 1 in 3 of us will be replaced by robots. That worries me and we don't know what jobs are children will be doing.

Personally, emotionally and physically what changes have you made so you're fit and ready to face the future?

Here’s what’s happened to me:

  • I stopped watching the news and Netflix since last Oct and my productivity has gone through the roof

  • I drink less (mid-strength beers are a good go-to and my body thanks me for it)

  • I exercise more and got a personal trainer (which makes me go to the gym)

  • I read books (too many business books, not enough fiction as my wife reminds me :)

  • I invest in continual education (Kellogg Leadership Programme via Lincoln University, attend paid online courses for specific skills, undertake comprehensive US-based coaching, applied for Seth Godin AltMBA course)

  • I make sleep more of a priority (8hrs minimum)

  • Mentor for Big Brothers (

  • Tried to be a better friend to those that matter (blokes are islands and terrible at keeping in touch who need to talk to each other more about how they feel)

  • Have regular sessions w a psychotherapist (to discuss my dysfunctional relationship with my father)

  • Realise my time and energy is finite and need to spend both carefully (my rule is if it's not in the diary it doesn't get done)

Have I improved? To answer that honestly you’d have to ask those around me as I might be a bit bias. I'm no saint (no pun intended) and I'm certainly not Superman but I am trying to be a better man who can offer more to the world around him (I'm still a work in progress...).

As for the next four years?

I plan to launch an online course, maybe write a book, travel more and be a less selfish man who is more focussed on his family. I also want to give more time to others who need it who can benefit from some of the skills and knowledge I've picked up along the way. It feeds my soul.

What I have learnt most is that I love teaching and helping others. Teaching teaches me the best way to learn too.

I get an enormous kick out of sharing the knowledge and skills I’ve picked up and seeing others use them to better themselves personally or professionally.

I learn a lot from those I teach too. It's a two-way thing. The reward is an intrinsic, deeply personal one that's worth more than money to me. And as we know, money always follows meaning.

What have you done in the last four years since the last RWC? What are you proud of most? What goals are you going to set yourself for the next four that will stretch you? 

How could you use the RWC as a 4 year milestone for personal and professional goal setting and review?

I'd like to know so please share what your greatest learning has been in the last four years. I'd love to hear from people so we can inspire and motivate each other to be better at getting better.

Ps: we should have this same chat in four years time : )