The One Critical Missing Ingredient That Is Robbing You Of Real Rural Sales Success

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When I ask my students “What is the most important part of the sales process?” they always enthusiastically answer: the product or service they sell. I then ask them what I mean when I say “The first sale is to yourself” they answer automatically that it’s them believing and buying into the product or service they sell. Right?


Noble attempts but all completely wrong. So here’s the critical ingredient that is robbing you of rural sales success…

The single most important part of the sales process is you, the sales person.

If you aren’t believable, reliable, polite, humble, responsive, punctual or likeable (I could go on but you get the picture) no one will buy into you so they won’t buy what you have to sell.

Farmers buy into people long before they buy into businesses. This is why book-buying is so rife in livestock or the rural real estate game.

“Relationships are everything.” Yes there are in sales. To a degree.

But the most important relationship is the one you have with yourself.

Sales is brutal. You can’t hide from the front line like your marketing colleagues.

You have targets to hit.

You are out there amongst a sea of nos facing multiple rejections or getting beaten up on price. It’s not for the faint hearted and it’s the main reason why less than a third of sales people actively chose sales as their career. The majority of rural sales people are accidental rural sales people. In order to succeed in sales you have to develop a bulletproof belief in yourself. It’s this “buoyancy of belief” (that Dan Pink calls it) that keeps you getting up when you get knocked back or down.

When you have an unshakable belief in yourself and capabilities and competencies rejections or objections will be like water of a duck’s back.

It won’t even touch you.

You won’t suffer call reluctance or resistance or driving up new driveways.

It is beneficial to know the critical ingredient that is robbing you of rural sales success as well as learning other rural sales and marketing tips, learn more here!

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