[Rural Sales] Why Consumption Comes Before Conversion

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Most rural sales reps I know fail because they are too eager to sell.

They push and pressure their buyer.

They want to close and convert too quickly.

As a result, they make no sale because their buyer feels threatened so they shut shop.

Research shows only 3% of buyers are willing to buy there and then:


It should then come as no surprise to anyone that the majority of buyers aren’t ready to buy.

The good news is another 37% (that’s a 12X prospect pool) are either contemplating buying or seeking out information to help them make their buying decision.

This means the majority of your buyers are in consumption mode not conversion mode.

This is where you can kick in.

Instead of selling, you serve.

You serve up rich, useful and valuable educational-based content that out-teaches to out-sell.

You build trust and authority by continually turning up in their inbox, Facebook feed or trade publication column.

Only by providing selfless, customer-serving content will you stand out.

You’re not selling.

You are playing the role of assistant buyer (which every sales person should fulfil) telling what they should look out for – and why.

When they consume your consistent content you earn a place in your buyer’s brain.

They can see you are on their side, genuinely serving their needs and not your own.

We now live in a consumption economy.

We want things that serve us fast.

We want to make good, informed decisions.

We don’t like making mistakes.

We are hungry for information and hyper-connected.

Research shows buyers now consult with 5-7 pieces of content before they reach out to a sales person. It used to be 3!

You can play this special role with your ideal customer.

Work out what they need by asking them and then give it to them:

  • How can you add so much value in your content that your client can’t live without?
  • How could you create content that they crave and anticipate?
  • What could you offer that they would willingly want to consume (rather than ignore)?

Create the specific content they want to consume so you can then convert.

In that order.

Good luck!


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