Stop Relying On Referrals

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When rural companies proudly tell me they rely on word of mouth referrals, I think how much money they are missing out on.

The problem is referrals – whilst the best kind of lead – are only one leg to your lead generating stool.

You need multiple legs, not one leg, if you want to be in a position of power where you can choose from a predictable, reliable load of leads coming through your pipeline.

That then allows you to pick and choose who you want to work with vs getting penalised on price.

You have to be more proactive rather than reactive.

Sitting, waiting for leads to come in isn’t enough.

You need to be actively promoting and publishing content.

You need to speaking at local Fieldays, discussion groups, water catchment groups.

You need to see if you can convince a local newspaper or trade press editor that you can write them a great column each and every month that provides enormous value to their readers.

The absolute game changer for me was when I started a weekly email (message me if you want me to add you to that list). And it’s one of the best ideas to promote your business.

I made a public commitment that I would commit to sending out one educational-based (Not sales-based) email each and every week without fail, come rain or shine.

And yes sometimes I’ve been writing them at 11pm on a Monday night!!

I do it because I made a commitment and want to keep my word and promise to those that grace me with their inbox.

Their reward is knowing I show up each and every week with something new, valuable and interesting to share that will help them as sales managers, their team or the rural busines they work for.

My reward of continual commitment and consistency builds one of the most important assets I and you need in rural: trust.

My list can rely on me turning up each and every week generously sharing content they can use and apply immediately.

Generousity is your best strategy.

And if you think you don’t have enough content or enough to say then you need to work harder.

Artists create. Musicians create. Teachers create.

If you worry you’re giving away “your best stuff” it’s an obvious signal you don’t have enough stuff.

Commit to creating – not consuming – content to position yourself as an authority.

And when you think of marketing assets, think of your list (like your customer database) as an asset.

During COVID19 many businesses found out quickly that their list was their lifeline.

Do something every day to add names and emails to your list.

It will stand you in very good stead.

You wouldn’t put all your investments in one asset class right?

Don’t do the same with your lead generation.

Diversify and spread the risk so you get a better return.

I promise you it will be time well spent.


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