How To Deal With: Im Just After A Price Right Now

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It pays to prepare for price buyers which are unfortunately all too common in rural.

When all your prospect wants to do is talk about price this is what you need to say:

“We can definitely discuss price and I’m more than happy to do that but before we do, could I quickly please ask you what specifically caught your eye when you reached out to us initially? What were you looking for most?”

We use the word “eyes” and “looking” deliberately here because 85% of the population use eyes and visual as their first filter. It’s usually followed by auditory and then kinesthetic.

Think about when you got out of the shower this morning.

Where’s the first place you dry?

Your eyes (seeing). Then your ears (hearing). Then your skin (feeling/sensing).

You need to be able to see first to be able to dry yourself. We do this because our still cave-man brains are built to protect us and keep us alive.

Our brains haven’t forgot there isn’t a sabre-tooth tiger around so our super-subconscious amygdala kicks in.

If we expand on this concept, we can recognise that our rural prospects are using their cave-man brains to keep them alive through status, survival and significance because anything and anyone associated with sales represents threat due to Loss Aversion.

Their automatic ‘here we go again’ guessing machine goes off saying to themselves:

“What are they here to sell me now?”

“They’re here to sell me something I don’t want.”

These three needs (status, significance and security) are humans’ most primary ones. Our brains are literally wired to survive first and foremost.

When you threaten any of them you’ll now be able to recognise the context behind their response and work out why.

Identifying and addressing the underlying drivers to your buyer’s behaviour is best and curiousity is key.

This means you can adapt your approach to make sure their needs are met, rather than threatened by saying:

“I know you’re a busy and productive person so I will only take 10 minutes of your time. What is the outcome you are looking for?”

“I know you like to make good, informed and accurate decisions so here are some options to consider”

“I know you’ll have good reasons for saying that. Is there anything else that might concern you here?”

“What would success look like for you here?”

“If we were to meet up next season and look back at it, what would a good result look like for you?”

Remember, when you ask what caught their eye they’ll tell you why (that wasn’t supposed to rhyme but hey it will help with recall due to fluency Dr Seuss style 🙂

Asking this simple question unearths their real buying motives.

The reward of which is the sales intelligence you need to stop selling on price and start selling the value they’ve just told you they’re looking for.

That way you’ll maintain much more margin – and make more sales.

Good luck and let me know how you go.


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