Top Research Shows Why You Need To Train And Retain

 In Rural Sales Training

Sales talent turnover is ridiculous right now. Gallup calculates it can cost your rural business up to twice their salary. For your high performers, double that again.

When you allow for all the business interruption, team disruption, management time training and on-boarding plus any turnover in clients due to all the changes, you can end up paying a HUGE price.

I’m no HR/people & performance expert but I do know if you treat your people right, they will treat your customers right.

In this world where there is a war for talent you need to continually train to retain your best sales people.

If you don’t, a competitor will willingly come with open arms and take them.

Equally if you don’t induct and on-board your new sales recruits well you risk losing them too.

Those first 30 days can be make or break.

Research shows employee retention rate grows by 30–50% at companies with a formal training program.

Being willing to set aside a budget to invest in training programs for your sales team is a key to their loyalty.

The more they feel like their progress is being prioritised, the less likely they are to look for other opportunities.

Send that signal of investment and they will reciprocate by investing back in you.

70% of surveyed workers would be tempted to leave their current workplace for a company that invests in employee development.

This indicates that turnover could be lower for many companies if they’d start investing in a proper training and development program.

The motivation for 34% of workers who quit their jobs was the prospect of improvement and development at some other company.

Still don’t believe me?

The research begs to differ with 15 statistically-proven reasons why.

Training isn’t just about improving performance.

It’s about showing a true duty of care.

And successful sales teams are created with continuous training, not one-off seminars.

Showing that you are willing to invest in them shows them they can be the best versions of themselves.

What you give you get back in spades.

Whereas those companies that neglect their staff can pay a big price.

Without a continual commitment to on-going training they or your rural business won’t get any better.

Are you willing to run that risk?


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